After watching this video you will shed tears, really sad

In some countries in Africa parents do not have enough money to support their children. Sometimes her children die of hunger. It’s really sad that Africans have a hard time reacting to this very sad situation. Because we are all human beings.


Children from Africa in Côte d’Ivoire are obliged to go hunting in order to find a way to survive. This is an absolute necessity, because children die of hunger. On the night of Monday a child coming to the Dakar was in a very critical form. He was on a deathbed after a clash between him and a snake, as expected by the child. He was looking for a job in the village but without success he had to go to the countryside in ponds. water in which large quantities of snakes are found.

Indeed, during the hunt a wicked serpent has gathered arms on this child, despite the intervention of the people of this zone but it shit nevertheless. This child was killed two days after the incident. Africans can’t continue to live in a mundane situation like this.

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